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Solenoid Valve Selector

Our Product Selector will help you choose the right valve. Provided you answer a few questions first.

Step 1. Select a medium

Step 2. Please modify the variable(s) below if they differ from our default value.

Step 3. Select the variable you would like to solve for then enter the remaining values.




Step 4. Select the valve material.

Valves may require a minimum 5 psi Pressure Drop to operate properly.

Variable Definitions

Recommended Valves

Enter your system’s information in the form to the left and we’ll make a few suggestions.

    For more information on the valves above please visit our valve store.

    Optional valve seats, discs and other features may also be required. Consult our factory experts for further details – Call 800-634-6853 or email us at

Legal Disclaimer:
The valve selected by the Gould Solenoid Valve calculator is a best approximation of the valve(s) your system might require. Before purchasing and using a valve, please contact a Gould consultant to verify the accuracy of selection. For more information or to contact a consultant please call 800-634-6853 or email us at