KRX-3T & KRX-3T-2

Complete 316 Stainless Steel
1/8″-2″ npt · Normally Open
Teflon Leak Proof Seat
Air/Water · Inert Gas · Oils
Corrosive Fluids
Media temps to 300°
NEMA 1 Coil Enclosure Standard
NEMA 4,5,7 Also Available
All Voltages Available


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General Specifications

  • 316 Stainless Steel General Purpose Valves
  • Normally Open (Energize to Close)
  • NEMA 1 Coil Enclosure Standard
  • -2 indicates NEMA 4 Water tight, NEMA 5 Dust tight, & NEMA 7 Explosionproof Coil Enclosure for Hazardous Locations: Class I Group D; Class II Groups E, F & G
  • 2-Way
  • Investment Cast (CF8M) Body
  • Full Ported
  • Packless
  • Internal Piston-Pilot Operated
  • Teflon® Leakproof seat for Positive Shutoff


    • Pipe Sizes Available:   1/8” ,1/4” ,3/8” ,1/2” ,3/4” ,1” ,1¼” ,1½” ,2” NPT (Specify)
    • Media:
      • Corrosive, Non-volatile Liquids
      • Air
      • Water
      • Light Oils (Max Viscosity: 30W SAE ,400 SSU)
    • Pressure Range: 5-150 psi
      • For optimal valve operation, specify your actual pressure range.  A minimum pressure drop of 5 psi (ΔP) is needed for proper operation.

Select the Maximum Pressure Rating closest  to but not exceeding the actual pressure
under which the valve will operate (Example: offered ranges are 5-150 psi or 10-300 psi.
Your water application has a Maximum Pressure of 120 psi > pick the 5-150 psi rated valve).
Normally Open valves require inlet pressure to initially open and stay open.

For more details Consult our Valve Specialists @ 800.634.6853

  • Voltages Available: 
    • 12 ,24 ,120 ,240 ,480 VAC  50-60Hz  26 Watts Max
    • 6 ,12 ,24 ,48 ,115 ,230 VDC  24 Watts Max
  • Coil Specifications:
    • NEMA 1 Type Coil Enclosure – Continuous Duty Polyester, Thermoset Epoxy Molded with 18″ leads and 1/2″ Conduit Connector. Insulation: Class F, Rated Fluid Temperature Range: -40° to + 300°
    • NEMA Type 7 Explosionproof Coil Enclosure – Continuous Duty Polyester, Thermoset Epoxy Molded with 18” Leads and ½” Conduit Connector Insulation: Class F ,Rated Fluid Temperature Range:   -40° F to +300°

Valve Construction

  • GLOBE BODIES are Investment Cast (CF8M).  rated: WSP 200 psi – WOG 1000 psi.  UNION BONNET (1/8”-1” NPT),  BOLT-DOWN BONNET (1¼” – 2” NPT)
  • BONNET ASSEMBLIES are 316 Stainless Steel (SS) Tubes with 316SS Tube Plugs welded to a 316SS (â…›”–1”NPT) or CF8M (1¼”-2”NPT) Bonnet Base.   BONNET ‘O’-Ring SEAL is Teflon® (as required).
  • PISTON ASSEMBLY is 316SS with a 316SS Teflon® Leakproof SEAT SCREW and a 316SS EXPANDER RING behind a Glass & Moly-Filled Teflon® PISTON RING plus a Teflon® SEAT DISC and 316SS (â…›”–¾”NPT) or CF8M (1”-2”NPT) GUIDE NUT.
  • Normally Open PILOT VALVE ASSEMBLY is 316SS JACKET welded over a Carbon Steel CORE. A 316SS LIFT SPRING holds the PILOT VALVE ASSEMBLY open.


  • Installation: Valves must be mounted in horizontal pipe with coil vertical, upright and on top. A 40–mesh inline strainer is recommended ahead of the valve.
  • Maintenance: As with any piece of equipment, reasonable inspection and maintenance of components should be periodically performed. Frequently check operation, cleanliness and internal wear. Any questions, consult factory.

NOTE: Gould Solenoid Valves are designed for Industrial–Commercial applications. Residential/Consumer applications will void the warranty. Questions ~ Call our Experts.

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