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Solenoid Valves Made In USA by Gould Valves

Some customers, such as State, Local and Federal agencies, are required to purchase American ­made products. In order to claim a product is “Made in the U.S.A.”, strict regulations by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) must be followed. Gould Valves are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. with parts sourced from American manufacturers and suppliers with whom we have a long-term relationship.


As a result of having our parts readily available through American sourcing, we are able to build, test, and ship valves in a matter of days unlike our competitors with lead times typically in weeks and even MONTHS!! J. D. Gould does not rely on overseas foundries or other suppliers who count on large volumes. Due to communication problems, customer service, and reliable delivery suffer. As we have seen in recent times, the international supply chain exposes the U.S.A. to undetermined risks.


For over 70 years, we have built our reputation for delivering the highest quality valves consistently. J. D. Gould Company has achieved it with our best asset, Our People!. Most of our employees have been with the company for multiple decades. Their experience and dedication plus long-term supplier relations mean you consistently get the highest quality valves.


We know our solenoid valves are used in many different industries such as oil and gas, food processing, water treatment, and in various applications. The safety of our products is critical. Our close relationship with all our suppliers and stringent quality control measures in the manufacturing process ensures that our valves will provide consistent performance safely.


Since J. D. Gould Company began in 1951, we have been located on the east side of Indianapolis. Our employees are a cross-section of our community and they are also both multi-generational and multi-decade. Our crew, both past, and present have been proud, skilled, and dedicated to providing our customers with the best Solenoid Valves on the market.

J. D. Gould Company, Inc. is a proud manufacturer of American made Solenoid Valves which are competitively priced for industrial and commercial applications.  Our mission is to lead our industry in Service & Delivery through flexibility, a workforce of dedicated craftsmen, and an awareness of our customers’ needs.

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